FROSTITUTION.NET has been given the opportunity to give away FIVE Cuban Fury prize packages consisting of a copy of the upcoming Cuban Fury Blu-Ray/DVD, a Cuban Fury poster, along with a Cuban Fury light up shot glass!

Like many adults at his age, Bruce Garrett is filled with doubt about his self-image, but after meeting his new boss and discovering her passion for the Salsa, Bruce is willing to do anything in hopes of winning her heart, even if it means removing that luxurious coat of chest hair. And for followers of Nick, the fur coat is part of the allure. As Nick himself puts it, "I love having a hairy chest. I'm a big, rugged hair ball."

Entering is easy. Simply providing your e-mail is enough to be entered. As an added bonus, any photos showing your natural coat and favorite Nick Frost film or show will grant you an extra entry! Ladies, show your admiration and desire for the natural look by dragging your significant other into the spotlight and show their stuff.

Thank you for your interest! This giveaway is currently over, but keep an eye on FROSTITUTION.NET for future giveaways and more!

When submitting photo entries, ensure your e-mail is the same as the one you are entering the form with. Submit photo attachments to with the Subject Line of "Cuban Fury Giveaway". Photos subject to verification.

Giveaway limited to the United States & Canada. Giveaway winners will be selected at random. Giveaway winners will be notified via e-mail for address confirmation purposes. With permission, giveaway winners may also have winning chest put on display on Facebook.

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